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Every school safe.


The Safety Equity Program was developed with the mission to guarantee that the tools your school needs to be safe are always free and functional.

Visitor Management

Use the Visitor Manager to keep an accurate and ongoing awareness of who is on your campus. Utilize our simplified Check-in/Check-out process as well as keep track of Late Arrivals and Early Checkouts. Most importantly, you can manage your list of pre-approved and restricted visitors to maintain access control.

Incident Response

Initiate an incident and follow the action steps through each phase of response - saving valuable time when seconds matter. Instructions specific to each staffing component on campus are sent out immediately so everyone will understand their role and responsibility.

Guided mapping

Maintain your campus maps, emergency routes and rally points in a centralized location so they are easy to share and access when you need them the most.

Security inventory

[Develop, manage and maintain your campus’ health and safety inventory, including locations and notes.

Response consists of the coordination and management of resources (including personnel, equipment and supplies), utilizing the Incident Command System (ICS) in an all-hazards approach and implementing measures taken for life/property/environmental safety.

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