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Every school safe.


The Safety Equity Program was developed with the mission to guarantee that the tools your school needs to be safe are always free and functional.

Understand your risks and vulnerabilities

[The Assessment portal identifies hazards and threats unique to your school community and combines it with guided assessments and a hazard matrix to evaluate the overall risk and vulnerability.

Complete your physical security assessments

Answer questions regarding the physical security of your building and use our guided wizard to complete your site assessment. Upon completion, your school will receive a Risk and Vulnerability Management and Mitigation Plan specific to your needs. Complete suggested weekly and monthly physical security checks for continual hazard prevention, mitigation and compliance.

Receive anonymous tips

Receive anonymous tips from members of your school concerning threats that may be occurring on campus.

Detect weapons at entrances

Receive alerts about weapons detected at your entryways so you can take immediate action.

Prevention focuses on impeding hazards or critical incidents from occurring. Mitigation denotes our effort to reduce loss of life and property by lessening the impact of disasters and emergencies.

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Conduct behavioral threat assessments 

When a threat is detected, use the Behavioral Threat Assessment guided wizard to assess the threat, investigate the report and make a determination.

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