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The Safety Equity Program was developed with the mission to guarantee that the tools your school needs to be safe are always free and functional.

Every school safe.

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We are using technology to ensure that every school is equipped with the tools they need to lay a foundation of safety.


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What is 

We adopted the term “safety equity” to illustrate our belief that safety is a human right and all school districts, regardless of size, influence, or resources have their essential safety and security needs met.


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Set up your Incident Command Structure and fill in the blanks for your All-Hazards Emergency Operations Plan.

4)   60 minutes

Set up your account by inputing your basic school information such as address, your team's email, and census information.

3)   30 minutes

Complete your Physical Security Assessment, Risk and Vulnerability Study, and send out your Climate Assessments.

2)   10 minutes

Contact us with your request to start an account. Within 24 hours, you will be emailed your username (school email) and a temporary password.

1)   24 hours

Simple set up.

Check your safety and security boxes in 2 hours or less

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PLAN 01.

Having a plan in place is the most important element in emergency preparedness. With the Basic Safety Toolkit, each component has functional tools to help develop and maintain the implementation of your school’s All Hazards Emergency Operations Plan.


Identify, evaluate and manage all school, personnel and community resources through the Toolkit. Knowing what resources are available is critical in any emergency. Prepare staff and students with continual drills and training on the Toolkit.


The Toolkit’s Assessments equip schools with the means to address possible risks, hazards and threats in any environment, preventing or lessening the impact of an incident.


Understand the nature of an emergency and how to respond. Have the tools to implement the Incident Command System (ICS) and assign roles and responsibilities to key personnel.

Free toolkit that goes above and beyond

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Planning and Preparing 


Our module for preparing and planning is always free to K-12 schools.

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Prevention and Mitigation


Our module for prevention and mitigation is always free to K-12 schools.

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Protection and Response


Our module for protection and response is always free to K-12 schools.


With the use of our All Hazards EOP Wizard, your planning team will be guided through developing and maintaining your school’s all-hazards emergency operations plan.


With the Drills page you can easily manage and schedule your school’s emergency drills for the entire school year - all while staying compliant with state regulations. Quickly view and share your drill plans, reports and reviews all in one place.


The Assessments take an all-hazards approach to identifying and analyzing the risk of threats and hazards unique to the school community, as well as identifying and evaluating the vulnerabilities of the building and its occupants.


Use Visitor Manager to keep an accurate and ongoing awareness of who is on your campus. Utilize our simplified Check-in/Check-out process, as well as keep track of Late Arrivals and Early Checkouts. Most importantly, you can manage your list of pre-approved and restricted visitors to maintain access control. 


Emergency resources at the click of a button. Develop, manage and maintain critical emergency response tools with KnowWhat Maps and Inventory.


 Response prepares schools to respond to any and every emergency. Initiate an incident and follow the action steps through each phase of response saving valuable time when seconds matter.

Check off all of your security check marks

How is it free?​

Sponsored by the makers of the most innovative school safety technology, the Safety Equity Program delivers a free toolkit with the most comprehensive functionality. Now, you can focus on investing your time, personnel, and resources in making your school the safest environment possible.

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Will my account always be free?

Yes! Our Program is committed to providing an ALWAYS FREE Basic Toolkit for School Safety to ensure that every school in the country, regardless of demographics or budget, has a foundation to provide their students with a safe learning environment.

How many users do I get as a part of my free account?

Yes. Our Basic Toolkit for School Safety includes 1 School Admin account, 1 Visitor Management account, and 1 Physical Site Assessment account.

How do I get more users or district admin analytics?

Please contact to upgrade your account or to add district level analytics.

"Their robust online platform provides our team an easy to use structure in which we can collect and organize our district and school level information and plans."

Mountain View School District


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We're using the tools of the future to fill your needs today. Use technology to make your emergency planning work for you when you need it the most.

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